The way forward for the NDC to return to power- Dr. Micheal Jarvis Bokor

Folks, now that I have too much time and seemingly too little to do, I will definitely put my shoulders to the wheel in the bid to return the NDC to power. I will do so as a public intellectual identifying constraints, analyzing them, and giving suggestions to help the NDC grow, endear itself to minds, hearts, and thumbs of Ghanaians at the polls to return to power.

Let it be known that I hate to the core anything and everything about the Danquah-Busia pests. Akufo-Addo’s sordid performance concretizes and substantiates my stance and claim. No doubt!!

What, then? The NDC camp isn’t made up of saints. There are horrible self-seekers and intemperate rascals saying and doing things to hurt the party. There are many opportunists sleeping, dining, wining, and wenching with the party’s nemesis at night only to get up and out in daytime to behave as holier than angels. I have a tall list of them to release at the appropriate time.

What, then? The NDC needs rejuvenation to re-focus and win public support. From my analysis of issues, the party isn’t as strong, determined, purposeful, and appealing to be where some us long ago expected it to be. If you need any evidence, don’t go far. Just assess the performance of its MPs in Parliament and the public sphere. Appalling!!

Unity must be the watchword. How to actualize it must be thoughtfully done. There are too many ugly noise-making upstarts who continue to deceive themselves that being constantly in the news is their contribution to grow the NDC. I dare them to do better.

My main beef? The leaders of the NDC must meet soon to strategize on moving the party beyond Election 2020 and put in place measures to grow the party, to uplift it in the post-Rawlings atmosphere, and to recapture lost political terrain.

If they continue to pander to the NPP’s politically motivated mischief, they will destroy everything that the party stands for and be cursed and damned by posterity. Is that what they want? Lovers of the party don’t want that.

I have said what’s on my mind for now. More later on….

Columnist: Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor



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