NPP constituency officers reject reports John Boadu shun their workshop

The governing New Patriotic Party’s Constituency Officers’ Welfare (NCOW) scheme, has rejected media reports suggesting that the General Secretary of the party, Mr. John Boadu, snubbed their just ended workshop held in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

According to NCOW, the reports lack merit and “can only be coming from the figment of the imagination of the orchestrator of the story”.

A rejoinder issued by NCOW and signed by its interim Secretary, Mr. Jeffery Edward Osei, said John Boadu has been supportive of NCOW and was actively involved in the coining of the name of the group, “hence it cannot be true the atrocious and malicious report churned out about him.”

The leadership of NCOW is, therefore, calling on all and sundry to treat what it refers to as fabricated media reports with the “scorn and contempt that it deserves.”

Below is a statement issued by the leadership of the group


Our attention has been drawn to a story published on some online portals, particularly peacefmonline with the caption, “John Boadu Snubs NPP Constituency Chairmen’s Conference; Says It’s Unconstitutional”. The story was attributed to NPP Constituency Chairmen, who held the said workshop over the weekend.

We, the organizers of the event, and for that matter the leadership of the NPP Constituency Officers’ Welfare (NCOW), wish to set the records straight by stating emphatically that the story is not only misleading and factually inaccurate, but also mischievous, and does not represent our position at all.

Here are the facts:

As indicated, the Workshop, which came off at the Capital View Hotel, in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, between 16th and 18th of July 2021, was held at the behest of NPP Constituency Chairmen across the 275 Constituencies of the country. The primary essence of this workshop was to, among other things, institute a Welfare Scheme for NPP Constituency Executives.

The well-attended workshop saw about 91% of the Constituency chairmen in attendance, and some party kingpins including the National Chairman, National Organizer, and National Treasurer. Equally, it was graced by some top Government Appointees, including a representative of the Vice President and some selected CEOs.

The General Secretary of the Party, John Boadu, just like many of the Ministers of State, who were invited, could not grace the workshop with his physical presence because they were attending a Cabinet Retreat at Peduase Lodge. It was impossible for both the General Secretary and the National Chairman to leave the Retreat because, at all material times, the Party needed a representation at Cabinet.

In view of that, it was agreed for the National Chairman, to excuse himself and attend our programme and officially inaugurate the Welfare Scheme on behalf of the Party, which he eventually did with a seed capital of GHc 50,000 on behalf of the National Executives, whilst the General Secretary represented the Party at the Cabinet Retreat. Even with that, the General Secretary still sent a Representative, in the person of Jeff Konadu, the Regional Secretary of the Party in the Eastern Region.

It must also be emphasized that John Boadu has been materially supportive, both in kind and in cash, throughout the processes leading to the organization of the workshop and the launch of the Welfare Scheme. Indeed and in fact, it was John Boadu who proposed the name of the Welfare Scheme as the National Constituency Officers Welfare Scheme to cater for all Constituency Officers, instead of the National Constituency Chairmen Welfare Fund, which we had earlier proposed.

With the foregoing, it begs belief and defies logic for anyone to suggest that John Boadu snubbed our Workshop. Even more preposterous is the claim in that fabricated story that we had said John Boadu described our gathering as unconstitutional. This malicious fabrication can only be coming from the detractors of Mr. John Boadu, who are not even bold enough to own their story and are cowardly seeking to use the name of a credible group like ours to perpetuate their mischief against the hard-working General Secretary of our Party, who is seeking re-election.

Once again, there is no iota of truth in the story and accordingly, we, the leadership of the NPP Constituency Officers Welfare (NCOW) and indeed, the newly inaugurated NPP Welfare Scheme, entreat the general public to treat it with all the contempt it deserves. We also wish to caution all the persons behind these orchestrations to desist forthwith, else we may be compelled to vindicate our rights through the due process of law.



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