Our day List: Opposition NDC offers membership card to Oswald

The opposition NDC says they are offering membership card to Oswald, the 9 year old boy in the center of the ‘Our Day’ petition. The party described the boy as “ bight who will be a great addition to the social democracy tradition”.

In a letter dated July 29, 9-year-old Oswald petitioned his mother requesting his favourite foods and beverages to make his end of academic term a memorable one.

As fate will have it, the son-to-mother petition was posted on Twitter by @SmylyThe3rd, his mother’s friend. Consequently, what started as a mere petition to a mother has developed into a full-blown mobilisation point with many waiting patiently to see how it all unfolds at the Christ Ambassadors School of Excellence in Sakaman, Accra.

National Youth Organizer of the Perty George Opare Addo in a tweet observed that the “Youth Wing of the party is willing to pay dues of Oswald till he turns 18 years”. He also added that Oswald would be a better manager of the country’s public purse than Vice President Dr. Bawumia


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