Married woman leaves husband to live with her rapist while the case is still in cour

A Nigerian lawyer, Malachy Odo has revealed that a woman who was allegedly raped by her costumer has snubbed her husband and is now living with her rapist even before a judgement of the court hearing the matter.

According to the lawyer, the victim (married woman) narrated her ordeal to the husband and the husband subsequently reported the case to the police for appropriate sanctions


The alleged victim (married woman),  says she was raped by the customer (rapist) in a hotel, an ordeal she complained to her husband about and he decided to deal with the said rapist legally.

But in a sharp return, even before police concludes its investigations into the case and allow for the court to make a determination on the case, the rape victim has left her husband’s home and moved in with the rapist.

Lawyer Malachy Odo who lamented the new development to the rape case said it brings an end to the court proceedings too.

“As lawyers, the things we see and the stories we hear on a daily basis, can be mind-blowing.

“A wife claims she was r-ped by a customer in a hotel. The husband reports to the police and in the middle of the investigation, the wife moves in with the alleged r*pist.

Case closed,” Malachy Odo wrote on Twitter as sighted on




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