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What to know about the KNUST Emblem

Asserting its position as one of Africa’s most prominent and respected universities, as well as the finest in West Africa, according to US News & World Report. The university’s symbol elements are aesthetically chosen to depict and communicate the university’s primary ideals and objectives: teaching, research, and service to humanity.

Six separate aspects make up the 68-year-old university. A Slogan, a Pot of Fire, Callipers, a Golden Stool, an Eagle with expanded wings, Green Leaves

Located in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana, the University Emblem has some of its elements portraying the traditional Ghanaian trait as poised in the university’s core values.

The Arrangement of the Elements

A pair of open callipers turned upside down and hooked to the sides of the stool on which is perched an eagle with expanded wings is put at the top of the emblem with a traditional Ghanaian pot of fire.

The eagle has two green leaves, one under each wing. The middle half of the stool has a “Nyansapo” design carved into it (“The Knot of Wisdom”).
A slogan “Nyansapo Wosane No Badwenma” appears beneath all of this (“The knot of wisdom is untied only by the wise”.) The statement is embossed on a banner that is folded in three pieces around the base of the stool in an attractive manner.

The Pot of Fire

The pot represents the repository of knowledge. The flame symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge, which should be kept alive and well at all times.

The Calipers

This tool, which is employed by a diverse group of scientists and technicians, portrays science and technology as the bedrock or cornerstone of the country’s development and progress.

The Stool

The stool is a typical authority emblem that reinforces the motto “Knowledge is Power.” The stool is made up of three parts: a seat, a motif in the middle, and a base. The stool represents the University, which is at the top of the educational hierarchy. It also denotes the University’s scientific and technological authority in Ghana and abroad.

The Eagle

The eagle reigns supreme among birds. It soars gracefully higher and faster than any other bird in the sky. Eagles have excellent vision as well. This bird represents the University’s ability to see and grasp the various challenges that the country faces, as well as the ability to tackle them effectively and efficiently. The eagle is adorned with a neck-band made of the national flag’s colors: red, yellow, and green, on which a black star indicates the University’s national character.


Green Leaves

The land and its abundant natural resources are symbolized by these leaves. “Adwunu” is the name of the tree that produces these leaves. Purification is done with leaves from the Adwunu tree. The purification of the thoughts of individuals who pass through this University is also symbolized by the green leaves.

The Slogan

The Slogan – “Nyansapo wosane no badwenma” (“The knot of Wisdom is untied only by the wise”) indicates the goal of the University which is to produce the highly skilled manpower required for the technological advancement of Ghana and Africa.

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