#UGDecides: Vote for me based on my ability to serve, not my body – Rebecca Derry

General Secretary candidate in this year’s University of Ghana Student Representative Council (UGSRC) elections, Rebecca Mwinviel Derry is urging students of the university to consider her ability to serve as the foremost reason behind their support for her in the upcoming elections.

This year’s General Secretary portfolio is being contested by three ladies- Rebecca Mwinviel Derry, Jonelle Mate-Kodjo and Stephanie Naadu Antwi and the conversations around the candidates have largely been skewed towards the stature of the candidates.

Rebecca Mwinviel Derry in an interview with Campus Exclusive observed that the ability of the candidates to serve in the portfolio they are vying for should be of paramount interest to the students.

“I believe it is everyone’s view…we cannot actually force or skew everyone to a particular view as to why they want to vote. For the sexualization of the body or anything to induce elections or to induce votes, for myself or any other candidature…that I cannot forcibly endorse or say that that is what someone should do but I believe it should be the view to serve – that is the core mandate” she advised

Rebecca Mwinviel Derry earlier during the interview mentioned that students of the institution however have the “free will” to use any basis to determine who to vote for or not.

She observed that electorates vote based on varied reasons hence it is up to them to vote for her on other bases as well.

“I believe everyone has their own will to base on their own views to actually cast a vote for a particular person. Some may base on charisma. When you look at the past presidents that we have, at least one is very noted for his charisma…let me say…President Rawlings. And then even Kufour people know him “oh he is a Gentle Jack”. Maybe Rawlings has charisma…he is fair…they are going to vote for him and then even oh then he is capable, I believe this person can work. So, it’s per the perception of everybody and their free will to do so as well” she said.

However, responding to questions on whether or not the conversation around the stature of the candidates vying for the General Secretary portfolio would influence student’s votes, she said: “that I cannot say but as I have said it’s per their own free will”.

Meanwhile another General Secretary candidate, Jonelle Mate-Kodjo has strongly condemned the sexual objectification of candidates vying for the position.

Jonelle Mate-Kodjo stated that the notion of objectifying women who offer themselves to take up leadership positions should not be encouraged.

She urged students to focus on the competence and skills of the individuals vying for the position.

“I’ve never felt comfortable that those are the conversations running around the portfolio I am running for. There is much more to females than reducing us to sexualizing our bodies there’s much more in a mind that can be found when you engage us. Look at our policies and capabilities. we cannot be voting based on facial appearance or body”



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