#UEWDecides: Financial Secretary Candidate Jeanne Awarika, assures of Financial Probity and Transparency if voted into office

A leading Financial Secretary Candidate in the upcoming University of Education, Winneba Students Representative Council elections for the 2021/2022 academic year, Jeanne Awarika has vowed to promote financial Probity if elected. That’s not all, she has also pledged to implore innovative ways to attract sponsorship to assist in projects being undertaken by the SRC. “My main policies are to to promote Financial Probity and transparency in the SRC and also bring Innovation on Board in looking for Sponsorship for SRC Project and Programmes”


The fundamental requirement for the financial secretary portfolio is records keeping and making these records available to the student’s populace in the form of budget statements and other financial statements.

The constitution provides timelines for the fulfilment of such mandates but over the years, it has been increasingly difficult for such timelines to be followed.

This usually results in numerous agitations from sections of the student populace. According to Miss Awarika , the principle of probity and transparency will cure doubts in the minds of the students over alleged misappropriation of funds by the student leadership.

This she says would bring students up to speed on the monies being used.

Jeanne Awarika believes that as a student body, we are accountable to ourselves and hence in the body of accountability.

She charged the students body to look at the number 2 position on the ballot paper and vote massively for her to ensure proper accountability and due  diligence going forward.


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