Maame Afua Sakyi-Addo Houadjeto settles medical bills of 3 cancer patients

Three women who have been detained at the Korle bu teaching hospital for their inability to pay medical bills can now return home. Sarah, Madam Akua and auntie Serwaa had undergone treatment for cervical and breast cancer. For five months after treatment, they have been kept at the facility. Fortunately, Maame Efua Sekyi-Aidoo Houadjeto has settled their bill and they have been discharged.


The month of October has been set aside globally to create awareness about breast cancer. In line with this, Maame Afua Sakyie Addo together wither team, marched t to the Korle bu teaching hospital to identify these women who have undergone treatment but are unable to settle their medical.

Toiletries and detergents worth about 10,000 ghana cedis was donated to the medical staff and patients at the ward.

One of the three, Sarah Acquah 65 years of age tells the media she has been abandoned by her family since her condition. “My sickness has had a great toll on me since I came here. Due to the nature of my ailment I expended all my monies. I reached out for help from my family but I was ignore, even my children have abandoned me.” She said.

She further explained that since her discharged 5 months ago, she’s been asking God for a good a Samaritan to come her way “I have always been praying and God has answered my prayer. I am very grateful to her (Maame Afua Sakyi Addo) and her team. I pray God restore unto her whatever she has lost and I pray she never lacks” She added.


According to Maame Afua, the decision to defray the medial bills forms part of her contribution towards raising awareness for the impact of breast cancer across the globe. “NDC women’s organizers always put together a program to create awareness for breast cancer. So I decided that a part from creating awareness outside of Korle-Bu lets come inside Korle bu and also find out who is being treated and how they are being treated. We realized that they were treated well but a few of them couldn’t pay their bills so we came in to support them and also donate a few things to the ward and not only to pay their bills but also to give them something to rejoice over. What we are doing here is all about charity” She said.


She admonished charity organizations to support patients struggling to settle their medical bills.” We should let the nurses and patients here know that we care about them. Their job is not easy especially with the covid pandemic. Today we are discharging 3 patients here and the minimum bill is about 5,200ghc per person so I will ask Ghanaians to come and touch a heart here and also be an angel to some of the distressed patients.”


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